Dentures – Delray Beach, FL

Unfortunately, tooth loss is a common dental problem. Natural teeth may become unstable and unhealthy due to gum disease or extensive decay. Whatever the reason, tooth loss should not be an event that results in a lifetime of instability and self-consciousness. Historically, these are two of the disadvantages that have been associated with traditional dentures. Dentures are thought to be unattractive and unnatural looking. They are considered by many to be a poor substitute for natural teeth; capable of only so much before they slip, slide, or fall out of the mouth. The truth is, a well-made denture need not be any of these things. Your Delray Beach dentist, Dr. George, is meticulous in his approach to denture design, ensuring that you receive the functional, beautiful smile you deserve.


Teeth help us bite and chew. While this may seem like their primary purpose, we also understand the effect that teeth have on the structure of the face. Teeth hold up our lips and cheeks. Without them, the face collapses inward. Another role that teeth play is to support regeneration of bone tissue in the jaw. When tooth loss occurs, the bone beneath that area no longer receives the stimulation necessary to produce new bone cells. As a result, deterioration occurs. The consequence of this breakdown in bone structure is that the space between the nose and the chin decreases dramatically. This loss between the nose and the chin will give an advanced appearance of aging.


When a denture is well-made, it restores the framework needed to support lips and cheeks. It feels comfortable when you speak, and remains stable when you eat, smile, and laugh. Success in denture treatment comes from a thoroughness of care not found in every dental office. Dr. George develops dentures with an eye for fit, comfort, and functionality. He addresses the small details that lead to proper lip and facial support, assessing bite several times throughout the treatment process. The personal attention given to your dentures leads to a smile that not only looks natural but also provides comfort and optimal performance.

Thanks to advances in restorative dentistry, it is possible to enhance the stability of dentures with a few dental implants. This technique may be done even if you are already wearing dentures, as we are often able to retrofit them so they can be affixed to implants.

Tooth loss does not have to be the end of your confident smile. Experience the benefits of custom-fit dentures from your Delray Beach dentist, Dr. George.