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KÖR Teeth Whitening – Delray Beach, FL

KÖR Teeth Whitening – Delray Beach, FL

The Kör Whitening System for a Beautiful Smile

The Kör Whitening System in Delray Beach is the most effective professional tooth whitening system in the world. Because Kör whitening gel is absorbed into the tooth, it dissolves those nasty stains. Even intrinsic staining caused by tetracycline or too much fluoride use can disappear with Kör Whitening System.

Your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach, Dr. George Sanchez, is a preferred Kör Whitening system provider and offers cost effective home whitening.

Why Kör Whitening Works?

The Kör Whitening system restores your natural smile using hydrogen peroxide gel. The gel breaks down into water, numerous radicals, oxygen, and byproducts lightening teeth.

The Kör Whitening Kör-Seal™ trays are made to seal out sulcular fluid and saliva while restoring your beautiful smile. Your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist explains that Kör works because the product absorbs deep into the teeth. This removes and dissolves stains.

How Long will Kör Last?

According to Dr. George, Kör gives lasting results. Unlike those over the counter pastes, gels, rinses and trays, the Kör Whitening System keeps your smile white and bright. It’s easy to keep your smile beautiful with easy home maintenance and Kör.

Is the Kör Tooth Whitening System Safe?

Because tooth-whitening products have been researched for over 30 years and used on millions of people all over the globe without damage, they are considered safe. However, like anything you must use Kör as per Dr. George’s instructions.

Is Kör Painful?

While some people complain of discomfort during in office tooth whitening, Dr. Rod Kurthy, the creator of Kör, has done decades of research and clinical testing. Because of his research, Kör produces very little, if any, sensitivity. Your dentist in Delray Beach has found Kör to be the gentlest professional tooth whitening system available.

How Bright will My Teeth Be with Kör?

Kör can lighten teeth up to 16 shades, and while every patient is different, most have amazing results. Because real teeth can’t look fake, you won’t have to worry about unnatural looking teeth.

Does Kör Work for Everyone?

While Kör will not work on restored teeth, it will brighten your natural teeth, even teeth with interior staining.

If you have porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants or tooth colored fillings that are past their use by date and look dull compared to your new white natural teeth, you will need to have them replaced or touched up.

If you would like more information regarding the Kör Whitening System in Delray Beach, call and schedule a no obligation professional tooth whitening consultation with Dr. George.