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Invisalign – Delray Beach, FL

Invisalign – Delray Beach, FL


Gives our Delray Beach patients more to smile about

Straight teeth are a primary characteristic of an attractive smile. The alignment of your teeth correlates with your oral health and overall wellness. When teeth are too close together, turned, overlapping, or too far apart, the bacteria that live in the mouth have more opportunity to accumulate in tight spaces around teeth and gums. This creates an increased risk for inflammation and infection. To protect the health and the appearance of your smile, learn more about Invisalign treatment from Delray Beach dentist, Dr. George.


This aligner system has become recognized as the modern face of orthodontia. We are pleased to work with patients to create a comfortable and convenient process through which they achieve a more attractive appearance and better oral health.

  • By performing a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. George determines if Invisalign is appropriate to address the alignment of your teeth. This system can be prescribed to straighten poor position, and to correct bite issues including overbite, underbite, and cross bite.
  • X-rays are taken to prepare for the customized treatment protocol. No need for messy impressions.
  • Digital images are processed in the Invisalign lab, where an animated presentation is created. This allows you to observe the planned changes in your smile before commencing with your treatment program.
  • When your custom-fit aligners are delivered to our office, we will insert your first set for you, and provide you with a series of aligners.

You will progress through the aligners in two-week increments. We will monitor your improvements through periodic check-ups, which are scheduled every six to eight weeks. If you develop a dental concern or have questions about your aligners, give us a call and we will attend to your issue.

There are several benefits to treatment with Invisalign. Teens and adults who choose this method enjoy the freedom to continue their normal eating habits. Additionally, the removable aligners support healthy hygiene habits that decrease the potential for cavities and gum disease during orthodontic treatment.

Misalignment can cause both functional and cosmetic concerns. We can help you address these with treatment that is designed for your ultimate success. Learn more about Invisalign when you call our office in Delray Beach.