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Mercury Safe Dentistry – Delray Beach, FL

Mercury Safe Dentistry – Delray Beach, FL


By adhering to mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry, Dr. George minimizes risks for our Delray Beach patients.


In recent years, dental amalgam has been identified as a potential source of toxicity. Dental professionals are expressing concern about amalgam because it contains mercury, which is classified as a toxic substance. Dental amalgam was developed before optimal dental materials had been recognized; and before we began to consider the long-term effects of medical and dental treatments.

Mercury may be natural, but that does not mean that its healthy, or even safe. Mercury used to be an ingredient in hundreds of consumer products, such as the old thermometers our grandparents, and maybe even our parents, used. Due to the high toxicity of mercury, most products that contained this substance have been redesigned – except amalgam fillings. The problem with having mercury in your mouth is that vapors may be released any time you chew. These vapors are toxic, and they are absorbed into tissues and inhaled into the lungs. Researchers continue to study the long-term effects of daily exposure, but it is suggested that the accumulation of mercury into the millions of cells in the body can cause or worsen conditions ranging from anxiety to chronic muscle aches.

Amalgam fillings are neither healthy nor are they the best way to repair damaged teeth. Regardless of the health implications associated with mercury, we prefer to approach restorative care knowing that we are setting our patients up for long-term success. In addition to mercury, amalgam fillings contain metals such as tin and nickel. When heated, these metals expand. Heating occurs every time you chew. When these metals cool off, they contract. Over years, the expansion and contractions of metals can cause fractures in tooth structure, or cause the margins of the filling to loosen. Either situation can be the precursor to decay and infection.

Mercury-free fillings are a safer choice, and a more attractive option for repairing tooth damage; your tooth is repaired to look like a tooth. To schedule your visit with Dr. George, call today.