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General Dentistry – Delray Beach, FL

General Dentistry – Delray Beach, FL

To maintain sparkling teeth and a clean mouth, it is important to receive regular dental care. Our general dentistry services include routine hygiene cleanings that do much more than create freshness. When you visit Dr. Sanchez, he has the opportunity to assess the structure of your teeth and restorations that you may have, and to screen for oral cancer, gum disease, and cavities. This comprehensive assessment can prevent or quickly detect the problems that may keep you from enjoying your healthiest smile. Preventive dental care not only saves you from the stress of dental pain, but also the costly care you would need to repair tooth or gum damage.


To us, there is nothing routine about dental check-ups. We believe in thoroughness and provide this to each of our patients as we move through our step-by-step care process:

  • Comprehensive exam with diagnostic testing. Your dental visit with Dr. George will involve a tooth-by-tooth examination, as well as a careful check of your gums. To obtain the information needed, we will take digital x-rays of your teeth.
  • Additional preventive care. Some patients may be more prone to cavities than others. In such instances, we may discuss the appropriateness of dental sealants. This imperceptible solution is brushed onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Once it is hardened, you will not even know it’s there, but it will prevent the buildup of debris and bacteria in deep grooves.
  • Prompt restorative care. If a dental condition such as a cavity or infection is detected, we will discuss your treatment options and schedule repair as soon as possible. Our support staff can assist you with financing and insurance questions. When performing restorative care, Dr. George prioritizes patient comfort, and is known for his painless anesthetic technique.
  • Personal attention! General dentistry in our Delray Beach practice is all about you. Dr. George takes time to get to know your concerns and your priorities for dental care. This information is coupled with your dental history and current oral health to reach an accurate conclusion about your immediate and long-term needs.

Oral health is integral to general health and wellness. Conditions such as gum disease are recognized as risk factors in serious concerns including heart disease, diabetes, and much more. We take our role in your well-being seriously, and commit to the utmost care in a friendly, welcoming environment. Give us a call to schedule your check-up and cleaning.