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Root Canal – Delray Beach, FL

Root Canal – Delray Beach, FL


At the core of each tooth is pulp, tissue comprised of numerous nerves and vessels. When decay is not addressed quickly enough, oral bacteria can enter into this delicate tissue. As a result, bacteria can infect the tissues beneath the tooth, including the bone. There is also a risk that bacteria may enter the bloodstream at the tooth, and then make their way to other parts of the body.

The purpose of root canal therapy is to prevent this from happening. The procedure could be likened to a filling, except that the area being filled is beneath the surface, rather than at the top of the tooth.


Please do not assume the worst about root canal therapy. We prioritize comfort and peace of mind, and use methods to achieve this. Root canal therapy is performed with local anesthetic, so you should not feel a thing. Dr. George will proceed slowly, ensuring that you remain comfortable at all times. After removing damaged enamel, we clean out the infected nerves and tissue with tiny files, sterilize the area, and place inert material into the root canals to prevent bacteria from re-entering.

Root canal treatment is completed with the placement of a dental crown. The initial crown that we affix to the tooth is temporary. Your final, metal-free crown will be made in a dental lab and placed in a subsequent visit about two-weeks after your initial treatment.

Before root canal therapy was developed, tooth decay could cause serious illness. Using gentle techniques, we can prevent this and also save a natural tooth. The benefits of treatment are not discussed nearly as often as “horror stories” that have no merit. Our patients are surprised to discover just how painless root canal therapy actually is.

In our Delray Beach practice, we act quickly to treat dental problems before they can compromise health. Schedule your visit with us for early, conservative care.