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Cosmetic Dentistry and Beautiful Healthy Smiles


Cosmetic dentistry can truly change your life. Don’t forget that one of the biggest impressions you can make is your toothy grin. In general, when people see you flash your pearly whites all they want to do is run over, shake your hand and say, “Hello.”

A smile makes you look friendly and approachable. A smile also puts you in the lead if you are on the hunt for a new job or in line for a promotion. However, not everyone has a smile that is worthy of flashing.

Beautiful Smiles in Delray Beach

Dr. George Dental believes in healthy and beautiful smiles using mercury free dentistry and tooth colored restorations. Metal restorations are not as safe as natural colored ones. In fact, they can be downright dangerous.

If you follow the Dr. George Dental Blog you’ll know that he and his team practice mercury free dentistry. This is something that some dentists in Delray Beach don’t bother with.

Mercury Free and Cosmetic Dentistry

Firstly, mercury free dentistry in Delray Beach is available for everyone. Secondly, Dr. George believes in safe and biocompatible dentistry. In lay man’s terms, that means you are in excellent hands.

If you have old restorations that need to be removed you’ll be glad you put your mouth in the capable hands of Dr. George and his team.

Your New Smile in Delray Beach

From all white dental crowns to metal free dental implant posts your Delray Beach dentist is ready to make you smile again.

You are in the best place you can be when you put your teeth and gums in the hands of Dr. George Dental.

Even smile makeovers are an easy fix because your Florida cosmetic dentist is a licensed cosmetic dentist who believes in giving you the best smile possible, Dr. George also uses human grade nonmetal products.

Smile Makeovers Not Always a Big Deal

Furthermore, what most people don’t realize is that a smile makeover doesn’t always include a complete overhaul of your teeth and gums. In some cases your stained teeth can be brought back to life with a professional teeth whitening session.

Ask Dr. George about custom made whitening trays and same day whitening as well. The dental practice in Delray Beach is equipped to give you a beautiful smile in a day or in a couple of weeks. As a result you’ll have a dazzling smile.

Of course, this treatment only works on natural teeth. If you have restored teeth Dr. George Dental will recommend restoration or replacement.

Cosmetic Dentistry = Compassionate Care

Dr. George is compassionate and cares about you and your teeth and gums. He understands what works best for your teeth and gums and is ready to give you a beautiful and healthy smile.

Call or text for a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation in Delray Beach today.

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