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Dr. George Dental for all of Your Needs


Dr. George Dental has everything you need to make you smile again. From gum repair and rejuvenation to restorative and cosmetic dentistry you are in the best hands when it comes to dental practices in Delray Beach. Dr. George can even give you a complete smile makeover.

Why Dr. George Dental

One of the best ways to discover the wonders of Dr. George and his team is pay attention to the reviews and testimonials. Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting Dr. George in and out of his environment, have had nothing but praise for he and his cosmetic dental practice in Delray Beach.

Dr. George Dental Services in Delray Beach

Dr. George and his team go the extra mile when it comes to general and cosmetic dentistry services. Moreover, Dr. George Dental practices mercury safe dentistry. This means there is no silver amalgam used and no toxic mercury ending up in your mouth.

Although the Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association both believe that silver amalgam fillings are safe, they don’t say the same thing about mercury. Don’t forget that mercury is part of your filling.

If your filling breaks or leaks you are exposed to mercury. This means that toxin is going directly into your bloodstream through your broken filling.

Replacing Your Silver Amalgam Fillings

Your Delray Beach family dentist only uses human grade dental materials to fill your teeth. To be specific, these materials are matched to your natural tooth and are bio compatible to the rest of your body. You won’t have to worry about toxic materials entering your bloodstream because you cracked your tooth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions with Dr. George

Before you take out your old fillings consider other options. Of course you can use tooth colored fillings or go for something more dramatic it really is up to you and Dr. George.

Cosmetic dentistry is life changing and not always as invasive as you might think. For example, if your natural teeth are stained all you might need is a professional teeth whitening session.

If chips and cracks are an issue, talk to your Delray Beach dentist about cosmetic dental bonding. Dental bonding is the perfect solution if you would rather not say yes to permanent solutions such as porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns.

Of course if you are considering a more permanent cosmetic dental solution Dr. George Sanchez is ready to offer his recommendations.

Sparkling Solutions for Your New Smile

While not everyone is a good candidate for some cosmetic dentistry procedures, for instance patients who have severe underbites or people with serious jawbone deterioration, Dr. George will always be able to find a solution when it comes to healthy teeth and gums.

If you are ready for a professional recommendation call or send a text and schedule your appointment with Dr. George Dental today.


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