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Fractured and Cracked Teeth are Never Okay

You may think fractured and cracked teeth will be okay especially if they only give you problems when you eat something hot or cold. Ignoring a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth is opening you up to all kinds of issues.


If you don’t take care of chipped, fractured and cracked teeth, those minor problem will quickly turn major. A tooth that is badly decayed will probably need a root canal. If that is the case, you will also need a crown. Had you scheduled an appointment with your dentist in Delray Beach when you felt some irritation, sensitivity, or pain, you wouldn’t have to spend hours in the dentist’s chair.

It’s Better Safe than Sorry with Cracked Teeth

If you notice something isn’t right when you brush and floss, when you eat or even when you open and close your mouth, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. George Sanchez. Dr. George will thoroughly examine your mouth looking for signs of decay. Sometimes it’s difficult to find decay under fillings. If you follow Dr. George’s Blog, you will remember that it is possible for a filled tooth to suffer from new decay.

Cracked Teeth are Hard to Notice

Hairline cracks in healthy teeth are tough to see. It takes a trained eye to detect hairline fractures in a tooth. Your Delray Beach family dentist can detect tooth decay, even if it is living under an existing filling.

Dr. George recommends that you examine your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. If you notice anything different, make an appointment with your dentist in Delray Beach. Chipped and cracked teeth will only get worse when left unattended.

Most importantly if you hear anything when you are eating, stop chewing and check it out. Teeth that are already cracked or chipped, will break even further when coaxed along with crunchy foods. It’s not always easy to tell if the sound you just heard was from the almond you just enjoyed or your tooth.

Schedule an Appointment Just to Be Sure

The only way to tell if you have cracked teeth or not is to schedule an appointment with Dr. George. Your Delray Beach family dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums before moving forward with your dental plan.

Call for a comprehensive dental examination with your family dentist in Delray Beach today.