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You Don’t Need to Suffer from Dental Anxiety

dental_anxiety_dentist_Delray_BeachMost people have a fear of something. In fact, you will find that some sort of anxiety affects even the most confident person, but did you know that millions of people all over the United States suffer from dental anxiety?

According to your dentist in Delray Beach, dental anxiety just makes dental problems worse. If your gums are bleeding and your teeth are aching, a trip to the dentist is the only solution.

If you have gum disease and tooth decay they will not magically disappear on their own.

Why Dental Checkups are Essential

Dental fear is one of the biggest reasons people skip dental checkups. Whether their dental anxiety stems from a past experience or horror stories from family and friends it is real. Sadly, skipped dental appointments mean intensive treatments, especially if you are already in pain.

A toothache, chipped or cracked tooth, or bleeding gums would send most people to the dentist, but not someone who is suffering from dental anxiety. Dental fear is so bad for some that they will wait until the last possible moment to sit in the dentist’s chair.

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Cause Health Problems

Even if people with dental anxiety are not suffering from bleeding gums or toothaches, dental checkups are essential. Firstly, comprehensive dental checkups reveal overall health issues that may not be apparent. Secondly, comprehensive dental checkups often uncover lesions, bumps, and lumps requiring a biopsy.

According to your Dr. George Sanchez, there is a much higher rate of oral cancer survival if detected in its earliest stages. That makes comprehensive dental examinations very important.

Dental Sedation for Dental Fear

Your Delray Beach dentist offers sedation dentistry for patients suffering from dental anxiety. From oral medication that you take the night before and the morning of your dental appointment to Nitrous Oxide, also called laughing gas, you are looked after when you put your oral care in the hands of Dr. George Sanchez. You will also find all of the comforts of home when you book a dental checkup in Delray Beach.

Dr. George understands how anxious dental treatments make some people and strives to make your visit as comfortable as possible. You will be treated like family the minute you walk through the door and beyond.

Once in the treatment room you will feel calm and rested with pillows and blankets for comfort. When you become a patient of Dr. George, you will not have to worry about dental anxiety.

If you have not seen your dentist in Delray Beach because of dental anxiety, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. George. It really will make a difference to your overall health.

Call and make that dental appointment today.