Delray Beach Professional Teeth Whitening with Kör

Although you may be tempted to whiten your teeth at home, resist the temptation. Consequently, over the counter products can do more harm than good. Not only can they make your smile hurt, but also turn it blue.

Avoid Over the Counter Products


Your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach has seen a few patients who have gone overboard with at home tooth whitening overusing those pastes, gels, trays, and strips. Unfortunately, you will not see the same results with over the counter whitening products. Because they are not as strong as professional teeth whitening products people tend to use too much product all too often.

According to Dr. George Sanchez over the counter whiteners can cause sensitivity. Patients who use too much have also had to deal with chalky or bluish looking teeth. Dr. Sanchez monitors your progress so that you won’t be tempted to overdo it.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Delray Beach

Your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist is a preferred provider of the Kör Professional Teeth Whitening System supplying you with custom-made whitening take home kits. Unlike other types of whitening systems, Kör can even remove interior stains caused from too much fluoride or tetracycline use.

How Does Kör Work?

According to your dentist in Delray Beach, Kör gel is a remarkable product that absorbs deeply into your teeth dissolving and removing even the toughest stains. Kör provides patients with lasting results and is easily maintained with Kör whitening touch up kits. As a result your smile will always be white and bright.

Does Kör Hurt?

Kör is the gentlest system available without discomfort. Unlike some in office whitening systems, Kör causes very little sensitivity, if any at all.

Will My Teeth Look Fake with Kör?

Natural teeth will never look fake. Kör will only whiten your teeth as light as they can go. While everyone’s teeth are different, Kör provides the best results with some patients glowing with teeth that are 16 shades lighter.

Is Kör Professional Teeth Whitening for Everyone?

Keep in mind that Kör wont’ work for everyone. For example, if you have teeth that are restored or a mouth full of dental implants, professional teeth whitening will not work.

If you would like more information regarding Kör professional tooth whitening, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. George Sanchez today.


A Smile Makeover Turns a Frown Upside Down

A smile makeover takes restoration dentistry one-step further using cosmetic dentistry procedures that enhance your smile.

What is a Smile Makeover?

smile_makeover_dentist_Delray_BeachRestoration dentistry means repairing teeth so that they are healthy and functional. Cosmetic dentistry means cosmetic dental crowns, dental implants, cosmetic dental bonding, porcelain veneers, professional tooth whitening, inlays, onlays, and clear braces. In other words, a general dentist will restore your smile while a cosmetic dentist will enhance it with advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures.

A Smile Makeover and Cosmetic Dentistry

In most cases, your smile makeover will be both restorative and cosmetic because some procedures cross over. For example, dental implants are both restorative, as they help rebuild bone, and cosmetic as they provide you with a natural looking artificial tooth.

Dr. George Sanchez practices mercury free dentistry providing you with tooth colored fillings and crowns. Because of his tooth colored solutions, his restorations are also cosmetic.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Delray Beach

Your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist provides cosmetic dental services that include:

Professional Tooth Whitening for a Smile Makeover

Done in office or with custom made whitening trays, professional tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world and is usually performed before other procedures for an accurate color match.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Cosmetic dental crowns cover the whole tooth like a cap. Fitting over the whole tooth, cosmetic crowns match the rest of your smile and can be completed in a single dental visit. Cosmetic crowns go hand in hand with a smile makeover.

A Smile Makeover and Inlays/Onlays

These are custom-made tooth colored restorations that are laid in or on the tooth depending on the damage. The inlays and onlays are made to match the damaged tooth perfectly.

Clear Braces

Your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach uses the clear plastic aligner system for a smile makeover to gradually move teeth into place. Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign® works in 12 to 18 months. Conventional wires and brackets can take up to 2 years.

Dental Implants

The strongest replacement for missing teeth, dental implants can last the rest of your life as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Dental implants are as strong, if not stronger than your own teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers repair cracked, chipped, and stained teeth. However, veneers fit over the tops of the teeth where the crowns fit over the entire tooth.

If you would like more information regarding a smile makeover in Delray Beach, call and schedule a no obligation consultation with Dr. Sanchez today.


Silver Amalgam Fillings a Ticking Time Bomb?

While the American Dental Association and some dentists still see silver amalgam as a safe material for dental fillings, your Delray Beach dentist disagrees.

Dr. George Sanchez practices mercury-free and mercury-safe dentistry so that your risks are minimal when it comes to silver amalgam fillings.

Why are Silver Amalgam Fillings Dangerous?

Amalgam fillings contain mercury. Nearly 50 percent of amalgam is made up of mercury with silver, tin and nickel.


Because metals contract with heat, your fillings are contracting and expanding every time you eat something hot or cold.

Over time, your old silver amalgam fillings will not have a tight seal. This allows food particles, debris, and bacteria to move in and around the fillings. What most people don’t realize is that filled teeth can still get cavities.

On top of old decay, dental amalgam is potentially toxic because it contains mercury. Mercury has long been known to cause problems as it is classified as a toxic substance. Dentists from the mid to late 20th century had no idea that silver amalgam would have long-term physical effects.

Why is Mercury Dangerous?

While mercury thermometers are rarely used today, mercury is still used in silver amalgam fillings. One of the biggest issues with mercury is that its vapor is toxic. If those vapors are absorbed into your lungs and tissues, you could suffer from muscle aches, depression, and anxiety.

Because mercury is cumulative, it builds up in your system. The more mercury that is released when you chew the more build up you will have in your cells. So bad is mercury for humans, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have restricted its use or banned it altogether.

Learn More About Safe Dentistry

If you would like to learn more about dental fillings that are safe for you and your family, call and schedule an appointment with your Delray Beach Dentist.

Dr. George believes in treating the whole body, not just the teeth and gums. Call for a dental consultation with Dr. George in Delray Beach today.


Dental Bonding if You’re Not Ready to Commit

Porcelain veneers are not as expensive as you may think, and thanks to modern dental technology, dental veneers can last a decade or more as long as you practice good oral hygiene. However, porcelain veneers are permanent as are cosmetic dental crowns.

If you are unsure, you want to make a permanent commitment to cosmetic crowns or porcelain veneers, talk to Dr. George Sanchez. about dental bonding. Your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist will evaluate your situation offering you the best advice for your new smile.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding Permanent, But Not Forever


If you haven’t wanted to commit to porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns, but would like your chips and cracks repaired, talk to your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach. Dr. Sanchez is an artist when it comes to fixing teeth that are chipped, cracked or badly stained.

Bonding is used to fix teeth that are chipped and cracked, but is also used by your Delray Beach dentist to change the shape of teeth. If you have teeth that are too short or too long, Dr. Sanchez uses a technique known as enamel shaping along with cosmetic dental bonding. This completely changes the shape and size of your tooth or teeth without resorting to porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns.

What is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

If you follow Dr. George’s Blog, you will remember that cosmetic dental bonding is a process that takes place in a single dental appointment. Dental bonding uses a dental resin that is matched to the rest of the tooth. Dr. George will use a conditioning liquid to roughen up the tooth before applying the dental resin. After the dental resin is sculpted into shape, it is cured with a laser or light before being polished to mimic the rest of your smile.

A Beautiful Smile without the Commitment

If you aren’t ready to commit to porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns just yet, schedule a no obligation cosmetic dental consultation with Dr. George. You won’t believe what he can do for your smile. Call for a dental bonding consultation with your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach today.


The Latest Dental Technology in Delray Beach

Your family dentist in Delray Beach is committed to providing patients with the latest dental technology available.



From laser dentistry to same day professional tooth whitening, Dr. George Sanchez is the only dentist to consider. Dr. George offers both general and cosmetic dentistry procedures for people of all ages.

Laser Dentistry in Delray Beach

Lasers are used in dentistry for pain relief, dental restorations and more, and is also used for gum disease treatment. Lasers reduce recovery time and eliminate the need for drilling and anesthesia in most patients.

Laser gum treatment is another amazing modern dental technology offered by your dentist in Delray Beach. Laser gum treatment is the fast and easy way to a mouth free from gingivitis and the more dangerous periodontal disease.

Dental Technology and Metal Free Dentistry

Getting rid of mercury restorations is the best way to restore your smile, and with modern dental technology in Delray Beach, you can be assured it is safe.

Your dentist in Delray Beach does not use metal for restorations. While the American Dental Association deems silver restorations safe, Dr. George believes in using other materials as they do not contract and make x-rays possible. Because silver and other metal restorations hide things it is impossible to tell if the tooth has additional decay in a dental x-ray.

Dental Restorations Aren’t Always Forever

Repaired teeth aren’t always free from additional tooth decay. All fillings need to be replaced over time, but sadly, some people are still walking around with 25-year-old silver amalgam fillings.

Keep in mind that teeth contract over time, but metal doesn’t. You can still have cracks and chips in teeth that have been repaired. Metal fillings also lose their seal over time allowing debris and bacteria to seep in under and around the dental filling.

The Best Dental Technology is a Phone Call Away

Dental technology has made a world of difference to billions of people all over the planet, and can make the same difference to you.

Call and schedule a no obligation dental examination with Dr. George today. Dental technology makes dentistry comfortable. Call for a dental appointment in Delray Beach today.


Fractured and Cracked Teeth are Never Okay

You may think fractured and cracked teeth will be okay especially if they only give you problems when you eat something hot or cold. Ignoring a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth is opening you up to all kinds of issues.


If you don’t take care of chipped, fractured and cracked teeth, those minor problem will quickly turn major. A tooth that is badly decayed will probably need a root canal. If that is the case, you will also need a crown. Had you scheduled an appointment with your dentist in Delray Beach when you felt some irritation, sensitivity, or pain, you wouldn’t have to spend hours in the dentist’s chair.

It’s Better Safe than Sorry with Cracked Teeth

If you notice something isn’t right when you brush and floss, when you eat or even when you open and close your mouth, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. George Sanchez. Dr. George will thoroughly examine your mouth looking for signs of decay. Sometimes it’s difficult to find decay under fillings. If you follow Dr. George’s Blog, you will remember that it is possible for a filled tooth to suffer from new decay.

Cracked Teeth are Hard to Notice

Hairline cracks in healthy teeth are tough to see. It takes a trained eye to detect hairline fractures in a tooth. Your Delray Beach family dentist can detect tooth decay, even if it is living under an existing filling.

Dr. George recommends that you examine your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. If you notice anything different, make an appointment with your dentist in Delray Beach. Chipped and cracked teeth will only get worse when left unattended.

Most importantly if you hear anything when you are eating, stop chewing and check it out. Teeth that are already cracked or chipped, will break even further when coaxed along with crunchy foods. It’s not always easy to tell if the sound you just heard was from the almond you just enjoyed or your tooth.

Schedule an Appointment Just to Be Sure

The only way to tell if you have cracked teeth or not is to schedule an appointment with Dr. George. Your Delray Beach family dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums before moving forward with your dental plan.

Call for a comprehensive dental examination with your family dentist in Delray Beach today.


A New Smile in Delray Beach with Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s a new decade and that means it’s time for a new you. Dr. George Sanchez is an experienced cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach who can give you the smile you deserve.

From porcelain veneers to cosmetic dental bonding and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry in Delray Beach will boost your self-confidence with a brand new smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Delray Beach


While the American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty, it does require continued education. While everyone can legally practice cosmetic dentistry, not everyone is equipped or trained to place porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns, but Dr. George is.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are used to hide stains, repair chips, and cracks and to make teeth longer. Because porcelain veneers require enamel removal, the process is permanent. Porcelain veneers can last a decade or more as long as you practice good oral hygiene. Consequently, you can have a single veneer or more depending on your needs.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Just like porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental crowns also require enamel removal, more actually as the crown fits over the entire tooth while a veneer is laid on the front of the tooth. Cosmetic dental crowns are stronger than porcelain veneers and can last over a decade or more as long as you take good care of your dental crowns.

Clear Braces and Cosmetic Dentistry

Unlike conventional wires and brackets, clear braces are removed when you eat, brush, and floss. Clear braces in Delray Beach are provided by Invisalign® and can take from 8 to 18 months to straighten teeth. Conventional braces can take up to two years. Ask Dr. George if you and Invisalign® are a good fit.

If you have been putting off smile design it’s time to call and schedule a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. George today.


3 Holiday Foods that Are Not Good for Teeth

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, but not so much for your teeth and gums, especially if you like to indulge in all of those holiday buffet goodies. While those starchy, sticky, sweet, and acidic foods taste good, they don’t do much for your waistline, or your teeth and gums.



According to your family dentist in Delray Beach, holiday goodies can wreck havoc on your teeth.

Watching what you eat during the holidays and watching those holiday foods will keep you out of the dentists chair before your next scheduled appointment.


Below are a few foods to try to resist during the holidays.

Starchy Holiday Foods

Cakes, cookies, bread and other holiday foods may be delicious but they are not good for teeth. Dr. George Sanchez explains that starchy holiday foods convert to sugar and acid and will eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Even worse, pretzels, potato chips, and your grandmother’s favorite rum cake will stick to the crevices in the back of your teeth. If you must indulge, rinse after and don’t forget to brush when you can.

Sticky Holiday Foods

You may love the dried fruit platter that your best friend sends you every Christmas, but those dried apricots, mangos, pineapples, dates and figs are just as bad as the high calorie variety. While dried fruit may be a better option for your diet, it isn’t good for your teeth. The same can be said about caramels, saltwater taffy, and any other sticky foods. Sticky foods stick to your teeth and are nearly impossible to remove without brushing. Sticky foods can also damage dental restorations.

Hard Candy Ruthless on Teeth

You may look forward to biting into a candy cane once Thanksgiving is over, but rest assured, you could damage your teeth. Candy canes, butterscotch and other hard holiday candies are loaded with sugar. If you suck on a hard candy, you are literally giving your teeth a sugar bath. On top of that, if you bite too hard you could crack a tooth.

While all holiday foods are good in moderation, some should be avoided all together. If you do enjoy rinse and brush after to avoid any unnecessary trips to your dentist in Delray Beach.

Happy Holidays from Dr. George and his team from your Delray Beach dental office.


Cosmetic Dental Bonding Just in Time for Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year with invitations to parties and events for the rest of 2019. However, not everyone is so thrilled about Christmas and New Year, especially if a smile is getting in the way.


The first thing people notice when you walk into a room is your smile. If you don’t have one, you probably aren’t that excited about holiday parties. Twenty years ago, there wasn’t much you could do about your grin in a week or two, but these days you can have a new smile in a single dental appointment with cosmetic dental bonding.

What is Tooth Bonding?

According to your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dental bonding repairs chips and cracks, and can be used to fill teeth. Made from tooth colored dental resin, the bonding material is matched to the rest of your smile before being applied to the tooth or teeth. Bonding can even be used to make teeth longer or to fill a small space between teeth.

Does Dental Bonding Look Natural?

Thanks to modern dental technology dental resin looks just as natural as your own teeth as it mimics the light the way your teeth do. While bonding is not as strong as porcelain veneers it is not permanent and can be reversed if necessary.

With proper oral hygiene, dental bonding can last a decade or more. Bonding is also less expensive than porcelain veneers and does not require multiple dental visits.

What is Dental Bonding Used For?

Your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach explains that cosmetic dental bonding can be used for a multitude of things including small fillings, inlays, and onlays. Cosmetic dental bonding is also used to restore cracked and chipped teeth and to fill small spaces. Dr. George Sanchez even uses cosmetic dental bonding to make teeth longer.

You really can have a beautiful smile just in time for your next holiday party. Call your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist for more information today.


Cosmetic Dentistry when Tooth Whitening Won’t Work

Tooth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world with people opting for both over the counter and professional tooth whitening treatments. However, those over the counter tooth whitening products are not as safe as professional tooth whitening products.

The Problem with Over the Counter Products


Even though there is less active ingredient in pastes, trays, gels, rinses and strips people tend to use over the counter tooth whitening products too often. People also have a tendency to use too much.

Too much tooth whitening can make teeth and gum sensitive, but can also cause permanent damage. According to your cosmetic dentist in Delray Beach, over whitening can turn teeth blue and chalky. Unfortunately, this can be permanent.

Professional Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. George Sanchez is a preferred Kor Tooth Whitening provider and has the experience to give you a beautiful bright smile. The Kor System is an amazing tooth whitening procedure. Kor can even help lift some intrinsic stains caused by antibiotic use or too much fluoride as a child.

With that being said, some stains are impossible to lift. If your stained teeth cannot be lighted with professional tooth whitening products, cosmetic dentistry may be the only solution. Also, teeth that are restored with tooth colored fillings, porcelain veneers, dental implants and cosmetic dental bonding will not change color and cannot be lightened either.

Cosmetic Dentistry when Whitening Won’t Work

If you have teeth that have been previously restored, ask your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist about a makeover. Dr. Sanchez can repair or replace old veneers and cosmetic dental bonding and can give your smile a lift with new cosmetic dental bonding.

If you would like more information regarding professional tooth whitening or any other type of cosmetic dentistry, call and schedule a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. George Sanchez today.